Artwork for Tesla's Death Ray on Discovery Channel

Nikola Tesla, the brain behind wireless connections, has 300 inventions behind his name and remains an icon.

Wireless energy has become the most used technology today, with most devices only functioning with wireless connections.

Nikola Tesla was the brains behind this – he invented X-rays, lasers and wireless energy, and with 300 inventions to his name, the wonderful fruits of his mind continue to dominate the world today. However, his theories and style were controversial, and his mind was not only brilliant, but also dangerous.

On his road to riches, he not only made money, but a few enemies too. Following his mysterious death in 1943, his valuable research was seized and ransacked – and a conspiracy was born. Was it really natural causes which took his life, or did something more sinister happen? Now, recently declassified documents have opened a treasure trove of new information as to the whereabouts of Tesla’s research.

Don’t miss Tesla’s Death Ray: A Mysterious Murder Declassified on Discovery Channel (DStv channel 121) from Tuesday, 6 February at 21:00 as they investigate Tesla’s story and look for clues to discover whether this conspiracy theory is true or not.