Don't miss a brand new crime-drama series that will have you hooked - The Brokenwood Mysteries is coming to Universal Channel in April!

Looking for a little drama and a whole lot of mystery? The Brokenwod Mysteries starting on Sunday 22 April at 20:00 on Universal Channel and streaming on DStv Now is right up your avenue! 

Take a trip to the picturesque New Zealand town of Brokenwood this April as the new crime drama arrives on Universal. Neill Rea stars as Detective Mike Shepherd, who is sent from Auckland to Brokenwood to investigate a death, but decides to stay rather than head back to the city and, with the help of cynical Detective Constable Kristin Sims (Fern Sutherland), unconventional cop Shepherd probes the hidden secrets of smalltown life. This month, the death of a farmer is investigated, then tragedy strikes the town’s wine show when the guest judge is found dead.

You may recognise some of the cast from series and movies you've loved! From Pana Hema Taylor who now stars in Westside to Neill Rea who had a stint in the Hercules series and not forgetting Fern Sutherland's time on The Almighty Johnsons. 

The Brokenwood Mysteries will make any couch detective happy to join in as you delve into the drama of the small town of Brokenwood with a population of only 5 000. Each season delivers four parts of snackable series sleuthing to get you hooked.

Watch The Brokenwod Mysteries starting on Sunday 22 April at 8pm on Universal Channel and streaming on DStv Now.

*Dates subject to change and content subject to package eligibility