An image of Prince and Princess of Wales. Diana and Charles on honeymoon

Once upon a time, a prince met a lady and was captivated by her wit.

This lady was Diana aged 19 who fell head over heels in love with her first boyfriend and Prince charming, but it wasn't the fairytale she thought it would be.


As the 20th anniversary of the death of the people's princess approaches, more files are being unleashed about her and Prince Charles' relationship. 

Catch the last 100 days of Diana's life and her interview with Journalist Martin Bashir on The Last 100 Days of Diana on Friday 25 August at 19:30.

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On TLC Entertainment they'll take an intimate look at Diana and her life as part of the British royal family, in Diana: Tragedy Or Treason? on Thurday, 31 August at 20:00.​

On Friday 1 September Kate Winslet narrates the story of  Diana's funeral – as told by people who were there, from some of the famous faces at Westminster Abbey. Watch Diana: The Day The World Cried at 20:00.  

Here's a brief look at the rise and fall of their relationship: