The internet has become so interconnected with video content, by people posting their funniest moments caught on camera for everyone to enjoy.

Tailored for everyone, the internet is the go-to platform for the world’s most hilarious video content. The all-in-one jaw-dropping series Cliptastic, gathers all the funniest, crazy, and unbelievable uploads from the internet. Billions of amazing clips are being uploaded everywhere, all the time and this team knows where to find them and bring them to your screens for your convenience.

STREAM: Discovery Family on DStv Now

This funny series offers all different themes for each episode – we’ve witnessed, Daft Devils, Idiots Unleashed and Masters of Mayhem, to Pranks & Bantz, Savage Stunts and Did That Just Happen? The new addition is the introduction of new superstars of stupid, the world's weirdness fixated into a new galaxy of the online 'Clipverse'. Packed with all things funny and original mash-ups, and memes, this unique clip show is indeed for the whole family to watch and enjoy.

Catch Cliptastic from Tuesday, 24 April at 18:30 on Discovery Family (DStv channel 136) and be ready to laugh out loud.