EbonyLife host Kwame Bonsu

Kenyan celebrity Kwame Bonsu joins the EbonyLife family on EL Now and Destinations Africa

For a long time, Kwame Bonsu has been praying for a job that will satisfy his needs and make him happy as he does what he loves.

“Sometimes, God can really bless you,” he said about his new TV project on EbonyLife (165).

Kwame is now one of the hosts of Destinations Africa, a new travel show showcasing the beauty and richness of Africa, every Saturday at 20:30 on EbonyLife.

Kwame also joins Nigerian fashion icon Denola Grey on EbonyLife's EL Now, Monday to Friday at 20:30.


While gushing about the places he has visited in Africa while at work, Kwame also told us his sentiments on why he loves Africa. He also revealed that he is venturing into designing outfits and that his latest film, Dear Mother, with Desperate Housewive Africa's Michelle Dede will be released soon.