Chris Hemsworth in Blackhat.

Rent Blackhat and watch Chris Hemsworth as convicted cyber criminal Nick Hathaway.

“Blackhat” is a term used for a computer hacker who does what he or she does for purely malicious reasons or personal gain.

In a modern world where almost everything we do is handled electronically, these are potentially the worst possible people to annoy because they can make or break you with a few keystrokes and mouse clicks.

The movie Blackhat drops us head first into the deep, dark underworld of hackerdom where hackers have the power to cause or prevent major national disasters and sway world economics in their favour while remaining largely anonymous and out of the reach of the authorities.

So how do you fight an almost untouchable hacker that has the ability to plunge the entire planet into complete chaos? You find the last hacker who did the same - and was eventually caught - and make a deal. 

Blackhat stars Chris Hemsworth as Nick Hathaway, a convicted cyber criminal who is granted furlough (who even knew that was a thing before Orange is the New Black) to chase down a cybercrime ring after a series of chaotic events leave much of the Far East in tatters.

Jetting across Chicago, Los Angeles, Jakarta and Hong Kong, Hathaway plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with his targets as each discovery just leads to more questions and dead ends.

Coming from Michael Mann, the director that brought us Heat, The Last of the Mohicans, Ali and Miami Vice, you can expect action and intrigue in big doses.

While I wouldn’t believe that absolutely everything in this movie is possible, it still leaves you with a sense of awe at what hackers are actually capable of, given the time and money.

If you enjoy slightly grittier conspiracy-type cat and mouse crime movies, Blackhat is one to add to your list. It’s not your standard fare in terms of crime or action movies, but it fits in nicely alongside movies like Swordfish, Hackers, Sneakers and Wargames.


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