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This February, M-Net Movies Zone (DStv channel 139) is spoiling us with a Blackbelt festival, featuring some of the biggest stars and unbelievable martial arts sequences.

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Relive some of your childhood memories and channel your inner martial artist and enjoy a great selection of movies, with legends of the art including jean claude van damme and bruce lee

Here’s our selection of must-see movies.

Friday, 2 February
Kickboxer 3: The Art of War at 20:30

Starring Sasha Mitchell, who takes on the role of David Sloan travelling to a kickboxing exhibition.

Saturday, 3 February
Secrets of the Asian Masters at 21:00

This documentary looks at the heart of Filipino warrior traditions.

Sunday, 4 February
Best Of The Best at 20:55

Starring Eric Roberts and James Earl Jones, the first movie in this franchise sees a US team travel to Korea for a Tae Kwon Do tournament.

Friday, 9 February
Chinese Zodiac at 20:30

As Asian Hawk, Jackie Chan is on a mission to collect all of the animals of the Chinese zodiac.

Saturday, 10 February
Kickboxer 2: The Road Back at 22:30

Jean-Claude Van Damme wrote this movie which sees Sasha Mitchell run a karate gym.

Sunday, 11 February
Best Of The Best 2 at 20:00

Eric Roberts returns in the sequel, which sees two friends seeking revenge after the death of their friend.


Monday, 12 February
Wushu Warrior at 20:35

Set in 1862, a group of warriors are fighting for their peoples freedom and justice.

Saturday, 17 February
Drunken Tai Chi at 20:40

A spoilt man learns all about tai chi, hoping to defeat a ruthless killer.

Sunday, 18 February
Best Of The Best 3: No Turning Back at 21:40

A school teacher has the support of a martial arts instructor, when he takes a strong stand against a white supremacist organisation.

Tuesday, 20 February
The Octagon at 20:30

Starring the legendary Chuck Norris, The Octagon is an epic battle between a martial artist and a group of ninjas.

Wednesday, 21 February
Good Guys Wear Black at 20:55

In this Chuck Norris classic, he is on a mission to find out why his colleagues are being killed, before he is the next victim.

Thursday, 22 February
The Real Bruce Lee at 21:25

This is a must see for any martial arts fan.

Friday, 23 February
Ninja Strikes Back at 20:40

Bruce Le's Bruce is on a mission after his release from prison.

Sunday, 25 February
Best Of The Best 4: Without Warning at 20:00

Phillip Rhee takes on a triple role as he writes, acts and directs this 90s classic.

Tuesday, 27 February
Shaolin Soccer at 20:40

Stephen Chow directs himself in this movie that sees teammates use their martial art skills to their advantage when playing soccer.

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