Shashamane on AfriDocs on BET

Issues of identity are under the spotlight this July on AfriDocs as BET (129) highlights the stories from different communities in Africa and the journey that defines them. Watch out for these two stories from Ethiopia:


In 1948, King Haile Selassie donated Shashamane to people of African descent as a homeland they could come back to when they leave the Caribbean, USA and the Great Britain. This documentary brings you the stories of the Afro-descendents communities who "came back home" from the West seeking their heritage and identity and the promised land in Africa. Tune in to Shashamane on Thursday 6 July at 22:00 EAT on BET.

Here is a little preview:


Mercy Mercy

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is one of the celebrities who have adopted a child from Ethiopia and while things may have turned out for the best for her adopted daughter Zahara, Mercy Mercy brings to light the ugly side of adoption. It follows the lives of two children adopted from Ethiopa - Masho and her little brother Roba - who move to Denmark, the struggles of adjusting in a new home, the uncertainty and the despair that comes with international adoption. Catch Mercy Mercy on 20 July at 22:00 EAT on BET.

Here is a litte preview: