An image for Barbarians Rising on HISTORY.

HISTORY (186) has ordered Barbarians Rising, a stunning new series scheduled for broadcast on the channel across all territories worldwide. 

The eight part docu-drama reveals the true story of the 700-year struggle to bring down the Roman Empire; one of most powerful empires the world has ever known.

This global TV event is slated to premiere in 2016 across 185+ territories.

Barbarians Rising tells the story of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire from the perspective of the barbarian rebel leaders. It is a visceral journey into the heart of a wave of rebellions against absolute power. The Roman Empire called them “barbarians” – tribes the Romans viewed beyond the fringe of civilisation that live a brutish and violent existence. However, these were also men and women who launched epic struggles that shaped the world to come. 

Barbarians Rising features nine of history’s greatest warriors:


  • Hannibal, who vowed a blood oath at the age of nine
  • Spartacus, the slave-turned-rebel who led a barbarian revolt
  • Boudica, the Celtic warrior Queen;
  • Arminius, the stolen son of Germany
  • Attila, scourge of the east
  • the Goths, a fierce fighting people betrayed by the empire
  • the Vandals, the wandering raiders who dealt Rome’s final death blow.


These monumental tales tell the story of how one of the world’s greatest Empires is undone by their aggressive quest for expansion. 

Barbarians Rising is produced for HISTORY by October Films. Executive producers for HISTORY are Kristen Burns and Russ McCarroll. Adam Bullmore is executive producer, Simon George (HISTORY’s World War II From Space) is executive director, and Michael Waterhouse (HISTORY’s The Bible) is series producer for October Films.