Age Before Beauty

Age Before Beauty is a new drama series, penned by Poldark writer Debbie Horsfield, which revolves around a family-run beauty salon in Manchester. It starts on ITV Choice (DStv channel 123) on Monday, 3 September at 20.30.

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The six-part show stars Polly Walker (Mr Selfridge), Robson Green and James Murray (Him).

Walker plays Bel, a middle-aged woman who has been married to Wesley (Murray) for 25 years and has been a stay-at-home mother to their twins for 18 of them. But now that the kids are off to university, she’s looking to fill the void. Her brother-in-law Teddy (Green) begs her to rescue the down-at-heel beauty salon that is their family business, staffed by some forceful relatives who need bringing into line. But Bel is also facing problems in her marriage when a glamorous personal trainer named Lorelei (Madeleine Mantock) appears to turn Wesley’s head. Can she deal with the business, her relationship and her future all at once?

Sue Johnston stars as Bel’s mother Ivy-Rae, a Northern Soul fanatic and spray-tan technician while the rest of Bel’s family is made up of sisters Leanne, Tina and Heidi, played by Kelly Harrison, Lisa Riley and Vicky Myers.

Executive Producer Sally Haynes said: “Age Before Beauty explores the fascination with staying young, the fear of ageing, instant gratification and long-term relationships in an irresistible setting.