Aaron Kaufman

Countless hours, creativity and stamina is all put to the test to create the most innovative trucks ever, bringing the old classics back into style.

Known from Fast N’ Loud, Aaron Kaufman The Bearded Wonder is back with his very own series, and he has shifted his focus to his newly established Arclight Fabrication shop and his passion for trucks. From across the USA, Aaron hand-picked a team of dedicated builders to join him on his new adventure in Dallas, Texas, and a new venture of providing aftermarket parts for the Ford F-100 market.

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Aaron's vision is to push the boundaries of engineering design, concentrating on the extreme performance of their vehicles. For their first project, Aaron wants to attempt to build the toughest ultra 4 trucks ever made: The Arclight Ultra Four 4500 Invincible International Scout.

Sweat and hard work will test the team’s determination, endurance and originality. But can they rev it up, or will their creations only be fit for the scrap yard?

Find out on the upcoming Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman series on Discovery Channel (DStv 121) From Friday, 20 April at 20:00 and be part of his new adventure.