Bear Grylls of Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel will premiere brand new episodes of The Island with Bear Grylls

This time around, Bear Grylls abandons 14 British women on a remote desert island in the Pacific, with only the clothes on their backs and a few basic tools for survival. The group not only need to battle Mother Nature, but they need to learn to work together if they want to conquer the island.  

Watch as these women make camp in the jungle while at the mercy of deadly creatures and voracious sand flies. Without clear leadership, division and rivalries soon begin to develop within the group. Then, a few weeks into the challenge, the women are in danger of starvation and are seriously dehydrated. This, coupled with their rapid weight loss, gets Bear Grylls concerned. 

To add to their woes, the women soon face tick infestation risking dangerous tropical diseases. Will this be a final straw to their demise or will they realise that teamwork is the only way out of their dire situation? 

Be sure not to miss The Island with Bear Grylls airing from Tuesday 15 March at 20:00, only on channel 121.