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Podcast and Chill: Celebrity Edition

Top moments from Zahara on Podcast and Chill Celebrity Edition Premiere

02 September 2021
Award winning South African afro-soul singer Zahara opened up to MacG and Sol Phenduka during a frank chat.
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The highly anticipated Podcast and Chill: Celebrity Edition premiered on Wednesday, 1 September at 21:30 on Channel O.

And the first guest, award-winning Afro-Soul powerhouse singer Zahara, who went on to reveal she is one of the most decorated local artists with 52 awards, rocked. Zahara sat down with MacG and Sol Phenduka for an honest conversation on label drama, the heartache she's endured from the grief of losing close family members, the wild media scrutiny, as well as how despite it all, she rose from the ashes like a pheonix to claim her throne atop the charts. We're looking at some stand-out moments from the episode:


Zahara's talent is undeniable. She was discovered playing her guitar and singing her songs on the sunrise of the past decade. She's aware of the gift she possesses, telling MacG that her talent is the evergreen annointing that carried her through some dark times. She writes her songs, and draws each from her own repertoir of personal experiences. So when MacG asked if she doesn't worry about running out of personal experiences to write about, she broke out in a freestyle acapella, belting out a song she'd made on the spot about the entire intervew set up. It was glorious to behold. 


We love a Queen who's a total sport! The Loliwe hitmaker made Mzansi laugh with her hilarious impersonations throughout the interview. She nailed a couple, including Babes Wodumo and Madiba. The rest were just as much a fun vibe. What we also found out is that she's a hidden actress! Maybe we will see her in something soon? Any television producers here reading? 


She's a sweet soul alright. But you have to come correct! Zahara's personality may radiate calmness, but don't let her zen vibe allow you to be played. A couple of times during the interview, she had the country going wild when gathering our boys MacG and Sol Phenduka. They will ask their questions, without apology and withholding nothing. But because of it, at times must roll with some punches, I fear. 


By now, most of us are becoming aware of the complex reality artists signed to major labels must navigate. We've seen many explosive fallouts between artists and their labels, often over strife involving contractual disagreements, and other big lawyer stuff. It's certainly not as rosy as once thought. Zahara touched a bit on her fallout with her former label, alleging that they still owe her big money. "I don't want to re-live the past", she concluded, urging everyone to let the past stay where it belongs. 


Her music is loved for its ability to heal. The storytelling skills must also be part of it because Zahara is good at telling stories! She captures you in the way she delivers her recollections, pulling you in  and keeping you hyped. We could sit all day with her, just chatting. Waiting patiently for her to randomly break into song or make an impersonation. 

Podcast and Chill: Celebrity Edition airs Wednesdays at 21:30 on Channel O, DStv channel 320. Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag #Channel O to connect with us.