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Podcast and Chill: Celebrity Edition

Best reactions to Kabelo on Podcast and Chill Celebrity

13 September 2021
The Kwaito legend's interview garnered raving reviews.
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He's a legend in the business, having sold hundreds of thousands of records as one-third of iconic Kwaito group TKZee, before sliding one of the biggest solo debuts of all time afterwards. But Kabelo Mabalane, now a pastor and fitness guru, was as chilled as ever as he sat down with MacG and Sol Phenduka on the second episode of Podcast and Chill: Celebrity Edition, on Wednesday at 21:30. He spoke candidly on a number of deeply personal subjects, shed more light on the highly publicised baseball bat saga, and took us through memory lane with nostalgic recllections of life during the golden era of Kwaito. 

Mzansi loved it, sending the episode to the top of the trends within minutes of airing. Here's a brief roundup of what chillers said about Mabalane's hilarious but also meaningful chat with the Podcast and Chill pair. 

It's always refreshing to see stars who reach a peak out of reach still able to remain grounded, relatable and cool to chill with. Bouga Luv seems to have maintain a cool zen around him, despite being distinguished as one of the greats. 

Many revelations were made about just how much of an impact Kwaito starts had on the culture back in the day. That footprint remains crystallised as a guide for all emerging sounds now. And this episode was a reminder of how legendary these artists are. 

Talent is revered, authenticity loved. 


That's just a handful from the applause of tweets about Bouga Luv stopping by. We are always keeping an eye on what you have to say. Catch a new episode of Podcast and Chill this Wednesday at 21:30 and talk back. Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag #Channel O to connect with us.