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Podcast and Chill: Celebrity Edition

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Podcast and Chill: Celebrity Edition finds famed podcast hosts MacG and Sol Phenduka having frank conversations with South African celebrities



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Kuli Roberts keeps it real on Podcast and Chill: Celebrity Edition

27 September 2021
Kuli Roberts tackled everything from juicy details of her personal life to advocacy for people with albinism

Kuli Roberts embodies the authentic essence of honesty. She tells it like it is, with a flavour of humour. So when she sat down with MacG and Sol Phenduka on the latest episode of Podcast and Chill: Celebrity Edition, the entertainment journalist and now social justice advocate captured audiences with her infectious personality. Roberts didn't hold back; tackling everything from juicy details of her personal life, to an unapologetic advocacy for the liberties of ostracised communities, including people living with albinism and the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Although the episode was bound to be an overflow of humour, keeping in mind both Kuli Roberts and MacG are two of the funniest people who will keep you on your toes, the conversation also ended up shedding a lot of light on the struggles faced by people living with albinism in the country. It's a course Kuli is passionate about, having raised her concerns about the inhumane environment people living with albinism must navigate within their communities. 

The language around these individuals is derogatory, said Kuli, and it needs to change. And you know what else needs to change? The negative attitudes that cultivate toxic realities for the LGBTQIA+ community. "We need to ask ourselves why everyone is not in the room", she said on the lack of representation in various spheres of society. It's an unjustice she's committed to challenging. 

Apart from this important discussion, Kuli gave us an hour of pure entertainment. She discussed everything from her fallout with Unathi Msengana, who is married to her cousin Msengana, to being a victim of an alleged elaborate scam. She apologised for how she handled the matter, and took us through a financial scam that distabilised their relationship. It was unbelievable! 

The tales about her lofty upbringing also triggered a wave of 'ooh's' and 'ah's', as we heard all about she had a personal driver transporting her to school. That too, was not all roses. Kuli talked about her unfortunate experiences of sexual harrassment, as well as life during an oppressive political landscape. 

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