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Makhadzis Massive Music Performance Reaches a Million Views

17 February 2020
Her energetic delivery of 'Matorokisi' on Massive Music is doing big numbers.

She may have just recently sky rocketed to the forefront of the culture with her blazing hit, Matorokisi, but Makhadzi is showing no signs of slowing down. Proving that her legion of fans put their money were their mouth is, so to speak, the singer's performance on Massive Music has garnered her more than 1,1 million views on Youtube, and counting! 

"I'm here before 1 million views", one fan notes in the comments on the performance visual. "Makhadzi fans, lets camp here."  Apparently they camped enough to see the views of the video surge to reach massive numbers. 

The 23 year old first entered the scene in 2010 as a dancer. And while she's considered new by the standards of mainstream culture, she's already churned out no less than six albums! Watch the trendy performance below!

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