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Jobe London and Mphow 69 Touch New Milestones

26 November 2019
Look who reached a million views, amongst other things!
Massive Music

It’s official, South African’s cannot get enough of the Sukendleleni song, and we now have a couple of statistical milestones to back this very real fact! 

The amapiano scorcher, which has dominated charts and caused waves in the streets and on radio, has now been certified Gold in South Africa! Delivered by Jobe London, Mphow 69 and Kamo Manje, the popular single has sold enough units to qualify as one of the best selling songs in South Africa this year. 

It doesn’t end there. 

Remember when the collaborative trio unleashed a beastly live performance of Massive Music? Well, the masses loved the performance so much that the performance it has now reached a million views on the Channel O YouTube channel! 

The hitmakers made a stop on the latest edition of Massive Music, where they accepted their Gold plaque, which promises to be one just the beginning of what promises to be quite an interesting ride! And not only that, Jobe London and Mphow 69 premiered the long awaited visuals for the hit song on Friday, which happened exclusively on Channel O, channel 320. 

Be sure to catch Massive Music on Channel O, Sundays at 16:00!

Photo Credit: Mphow69 via Instagram