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Gen Z | Season 1

Gen Z to Premiere on Channel O

03 March 2021
The future is here.
Gen Z

Nadia Nakai and Thato Dithebe aka President Thato will be co-piloting Channel O's freshest addition the matrix of youth culture.

Starting on Thursday, March 4th at 18:00, the new music and lifestyle television series will be lavishing the culture with an upbeat and hip show dedicated to igniting the trendiest elements of contemporary youth culture in South Africa. From the most banging toons to drip, tastemakers will be appearing on the show to share their insights on what is hip and happening on the ground.

Expect interviews, splashes of coolness balanced out by authentic reflections, as well as plenty of entertainment. 

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The show, which will be airing every Thursday on Channel O, DStv channel 320, is all set to offer audiences departures from the old and a cool bounce forward into the currents that drive young people today. Gen Z, explained, are the youngest people on the planet right now. According to Pew Research, this age group consists of those who were born between 1997 onwards. These are the young peeps who grew completely immersed in digital technologies, forming their identities within a highly connected landscape.

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It's the kids creating dope content on Tik Tok and Snapchat, ushering in a disruptive new era in ways information is consumed. They never went through the whole era of CDs, and don't necessarily relate to ways of consuming music or devouring the culture outside of streams. 

Gen Z is therefore at the forefront of driving the waves emerging amongst the youngest. The show will be an interactive experience covering a vast range of themes and topics that affect young people. From identity politics to woke culture, structures that drive the pulse of drip, social media, music and lots more!

Get ready to enter the future on Gen X, premiering on Thursday, March 4th at 18:00 on Channel O. Remember to join the conversation on our social media platforms by using the hashtags #GenZSouthAfrica and #ChannelO