Nadia Nakai 2

Nadia Nakai

When it comes to SA Hip Hop, 2019 is turning out to be the year of Nadia Nakai. It’s been a long time coming for the rapper, and we are privileged to witness it all. 

Nakai’s long awaited debut album, Nadia Naked finally hit the shelves in June. The project satiates long standing calls for a full body of work for the ‘Money Back’ hitmaker, who up until recently, had been dishing out charting bops. 

In many ways, the strategy worked. She’s amassed a huge following through the years, honed a voice and refined her own sound, scored some pretty lofty corporate bags, and built herself a neat catalogue to keep crowds on their feet when she’s onstage. Yet even with a slew of hits under her belt, fans wanted to delve into a fuller, more cohesive universe. An album was needed.

The long wait has been as frustrating for Nadia as it has been for her fans. She recently revealed on Massive Music how her patience was being tested all along. Waiting, as we know, does yield incredible results. 

Nadia Naked debuted to good reviews, with fans picking out faves from a catalogue of countless potential hits. She’s also looking at going Gold.