Lira set a soul scorching benchmark with her 2006 album Feel Good – and with her late 2008 release, Soul in Mind she’s once again created a record that is defined by its honesty, soulfulness, femininity and utter joyfulness. During the course of her flourishing career, Lira has performed at the Joy of Jazz, the recent Macufe Festival, Oppikoppi and the 2007 Cape Town International Jazz Festival, as well as graced international stages in Italy, Thailand and Fiji. The 29-year-old has grown over the years – most especially as a songwriter and intuitive performer- turning the young girl we saw more than five years ago into a woman with a world class talent. Undoubtedly, since then, Lira had an exceptional 2010 becoming the first South African artist to release a live music concert on Blu-ray and selling multi-platinum numbers of her live DVD. In 2011 the songbird released her fourth studio album titled Return to Love which featured the love ballad “Phakade” (which Africa got to see first and exclusive on Channel O). The album draws together everything that Lira has worked for since she first embarked on her music career. “I was very focused on defining the ‘Lira’ sound even more, with this album,” says Lira. “I wanted to send this out into the greater musical world with a real solid, really refined sound that is unmistakably my own,” she adds.