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BLXCKIE is a South African rap singer and producer. Building a street cred with his internet cult-like fanbase, BLXCKIE is a breakout artist who is leading the pack of new wave musicians as an undeniable rapper, singer and song producer.

BLXCKIE also known as Somnyama Yena Yedwa – is a 21-year old Durban born multi-talented artist who has broken the internet with hit after hit, placing him at the forefront of SA Hip Hop and Trap Soul.

Capturing the essence of the new age – BLXCKIE, born Sihle Sithole, is popularly known for using his soothing melodic voice over a variety of different beats to create fresh new sounds. Unique in his artistry, the Joburg based producer creates a majority the hit songs he is now known for.

Previously winning a music competition by a popular sports apparel store  – BLXCKIE has been ear marked as a global superstar in the making. Currently working on his debut album, BLXCKIE is gearing up to showcase his talent in full with surprise guest features from across the globe. 

Having dropped a variety of mixtapes and songs, BLXCKIE continues to show off his distinctive abilities on tracks like Big Time Shlappa, Stripes, No Fatigue and on mixtapes EQNX, Somnyama, Blxck Panda – just to name a few. He also continues builds a fraternity with fellow artists such as Lucas Raps, Nasty C, Dr Peppa, FLVME, LeoDa Leo, Yuang and 808 Sallie.

“There’s so much I want to share, that’s why I am constantly creating and dropping new music. I’m so excited about the future and the state of South African music - not only in hip hop, but across genres that I will experiment with and explore! Omnyama is here – for the world!” – BLXCKIE.