Yikes! Dr Malinga hits back at Nasty C

15 March 2017
Things are getting ugly!
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Who would have thought that we'd ever see a day where Nasty C and Dr Malinga are beefing? You're not dreaming, peeps. It's really happening. Well we're not sure if it's beef, but whatever it is, it's not looking good.

Dr Malinga has hit back at Nasty C, after the young rapper shared a video on Instagram taking shots at him.

The "Hell Naw" hitmaker was responding to a tweet by Dr Malinga. In the Tweet, the "Akulaleki" singer wrote: "NASTY C IS LIKE PAWN SHOP KEEPING THINGS THAT DO NOT BELONG TO HIM LOL mabala noise."

In response to the tweet, Nasty said on Insta: "You’re like 103 and you wear green shorts all the way up to your man boobs and pink shoes, and you pretend to try and kick down planes on stage. You’re a **** gimmick!"

And Malinga's response? A series of tweets! Check them out below.


Sjoe! That's a lot! We wonder if Nasty will respond... again?


Image credit: Instagram