Whoa! Ntsiki Mazwai throws major shade at Beyoncé

02 May 2018
Sorry Bey, Ntsiki will not get in formation.
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Not only is Beyoncé one of the highest paid musicians in the world, she's also made history in the music industry.

But it seems like that's not enough to convince Ntsiki Mazwai that Queen Bey is the real deal. The South African artist, who's never scared to share her opinion, recently took to Twitter to throw major shade at Mrs Carter.

It all started when a tweep told Ntsiki that trashing women whose preferences differ from hers doesn't make her a "deep thinker".

Of course, this didn't sit will with Ms Mazwai. And then came the shade... Ntsiki made it clear that Beyoncé is "fake".












Hmmm... that's quite a mouthful, hey? At least Beyoncé is too busy to see any of this. We don't think she would even care, though...





 Image credit: Instagram/@beyonce