What's beef? Nasty C and Dr Malinga get it in

15 March 2017
Who knew hip hop and house could beef like this?
Now here's one story we didn't think we'd be writing. There's beef between Dr Malinga and Nasty C!

The tensions started when Dr Malinga posted a tweet taking aim at Nasty about the alleged voter fraud at recent award shows. The tweet read, "NASTY C IS LIKE PAWN SHOP KEEPING THINGS THAT DO NOT BELONG TO HIM LOL mabala noise."

Of course Nasty C wasn't going to let this one slide, so in the early hours of Wednesday morning he posted a scathing video firing right back at the house music star. In the clip Nasty spits fire saying, "You're like 103 and you wear green shorts all the way up to your man boobs and pink shoes, and you pretend to try and kick down planes on stage. You're a **** gimmick!" Ouch!

Because cyber bullies ain't shit.

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The tensions are clearly high with this one and something tells us its not going to end here. Question is, are we gonna get a house diss track next?

Whose side are you on with this one?