Welcome To Naija Nights

13 May 2016
A continent made up of 54 sovereign states, and an upwards of 3,000 languages, African hip hop spans from Tanzania in the east, to South Africa, to Senegal in the west.

Hip hop as we know it now spread to Africa in the early ‘80s, shortly after American hip hop took shape. Though it's true that many African rappers have been heavily influenced by Western styles, Africa has – in some way – played a part in shaping hip hop as a whole.

Today, African hip hop styles range from American-inspired beats and rhymes, to bongo flava and kwaito, to the satirical hip hop of groups like Die Antwoord and FOKN Bois, and to the politically and socially conscious rhymes of Positive Black Soul and Black Noise. At Channel O, we celebrate all things African and from tonight, we will showcase a wide range of styles from various countries to bring you a small sample of the continent's best hip hop on our new video wall, Naija Nights!

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