Watch: Fake Justin Bieber causes frenzy in Sandton

17 May 2017
Shame, poor fans.
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Imagine going to the mall and running into your favourite international celebrity. You'd probably lose your mind, right? That's exactly what happened in Johannesburg's Sandton City mall a few days ago, when fans saw Justin Bieber... but it wasn't really him.

Justin is currently in the country for his Purpose World Tour.

South African YouTuber Aidan Atcheson fooled Beliebers in the busy mall when he pretended to be the award-winning superstar, even going as far as replicating his tattoos. He even had fake body guards and paparazzi following him around. This, of course, attracted many people and some couldn't believe that they were breathing the same air as their icon.

Watch the hilarious video below:

The real Justin is also pulling pranks of his own. The "Sorry" singer, who is performing in Cape Town this evening, recorded a video of himself pranking hotel guests.

Check out the video to see how he pulled it off.

Image credit: Instagram