WATCH: Cassper goes all Rocky on us

25 October 2016
The "2 Legit" music video is exactly as TURNT as you hoped it would be!
Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 10.16.50 AM
Cassper Nyovest doesn't shy away from challenges. After successfully filling up the TicketPro Dome in 2015 he set his sights on the 60 000 seater Orlando Stadium and by all measures he seems right on track to surpass that milestone too.

But one of his biggest battles has been the transition from Mr Sexy Chubby to chiselled hunk. For anyone who's been following him on social media, there's no missing the endless hours Nyovest has been putting in the gym in a bid to ensure that he is in tip top shape for yet another monumental show.

However if you just so happen to be living in a cave off the coasts of Ascension Island with no access to Internet, then Cassper has put together a music video to show you just how hard he's been working on those body goals.

The "2 Legit" video is every bit as hyped as the single and show the stadium filler working out with his trainer and right hand man, Carpo, by his side. Even if you don't like Cassper, you've gotta admit he's made the perfect banger for pushing those extra reps when you step into the gym. Don't believe us? Check it out below: