Watch Black Coffee rock a rooftop party in Miami

29 March 2017
This mix needs to be on repeat!
The weekend is still far but it might as well be right here. That's because nothing quite gets us into the grooving mood like a Black Coffee live mix.

This Tuesday evening Mixmag uploaded an epic 60 minute Black Coffee set recorded live at their 2017 Miami Music Week 'The Lab' event. The video sees Coffee rocking guests at a rooftop party and as you'd expect, features some exclusive gems we're sure DJs are already dying to get their hands on. It's once again testament to the living legendary that is the DJs legacy.

Black Coffee himself seems to be living his best life in Miami as he recently headlined Diddy's ultra exclusive party plus he hinted at shooting the "Your Eyes" music video as well.

Looks like 2017 is going to be one for the record books for the DJ.