Twenty years of hits ' Best Of The Last

06 November 2015
Monique Bingham
This epic moment is for the dance fanatics and the house heads. The ones who’s CD racks are teaming with disc upon disc of every compilation she’s ever set ablaze with her ballsy and sultry vocals. Yes. Of course we’re talking about the doyenne of dance, the head of the house herself, Monique Bingham.

After twenty years of unfurling her talent onto soulful house ballads, she’s compiled a Best Of The Last. A 26-track-strong production of hits spanning the course of 20 glorious years, from 1995 to 2015.

Having sung over house, jazz and lounge scores for so long, the “Take Me to My Love” hit vocalist only woke up to her huge fan base, and the significant house music scene, in South Africa in 2011. She’s since come back to our shores more times than we care to count, absorbing the love and replenishing her stocks with even more inspired category greats like “The Pap”.

In an accomplished career she’s worked with the best house DJ’s on the planet. She’s been in studio and shared numerous stages with the acclaimed likes of Ralf Gum, Louie Vega and Quentin Harris.

“Deep In The Bottom” is her latest with Black Coffee. A track in which she acknowledges the depth of Africa, from our roots to our politics to our soulful house music.

The compilation captures her romance with all sorts of house and instrumental music through the years.

From ripe deep house favourites like “Pride”, “Pure” and the iconic “We Had A Thing” she did with jazz musicians Abstract Truth, to funkedelic numbers like “Run” and “Kissing Strangers” and a delicious array of remixes if you're looking for a surprise.

There’s even something from the lair of lounge music in exuberant tunes “Elevator” and “Good Morning”. But if you really want to dance your worries away, turn it up on “Go-Getter”!

With the kind of jams you won’t ever want to end, this album is truly for the music lover in you.

Catch her, in the flesh, on Turn Up tonight at 19:30!

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