Tupac's Most Iconic Songs

14 September 2016
Today marks 20 years since his death.
Today marks 20 years since one of the greatest rappers ever had his life tragically cut short.

Tupac Shakur may have been slain at the age of 25 on September 13th 1996, but in his few brief years on this planet, he impacted the music, hip hop and urban world like no one else had done before him. Whether it was his unholstered gangster raps, his thoughtful poems or impassioned speeches against injustice, Pac always found a way to dig deeper in order to touch hearts and minds like few individuals could.

That's why on the 20th anniversary of his death, we picked out 5 of the most iconic Pac songs that are synonymous with his larger than life legacy:

California Love

Hit 'Em Up

Do For Love

Letter To My Unborn Child

Dear Mama

But with literally over a hundred songs to his name, the truth of the matter is it's near impossible to only pick five. Which songs would have made your list?

RIP Pac!