DeLazy Does Cartoon Network

31 March 2016
Probably one of Cartoon Network’s most successful creations, Powerpuff Girls, is teaming up with Toya DeLazy to create an all African, localised theme song for the re-launch of the show.

The song, which was also produced by Toya, will represent the Powerpuff Girls on the African continent with a colourful, local interpretation of the original song originally done by US indie pop band Tacocat’s

“When Cartoon Network approached me to localise the new Powerpuff Girls theme song, I first listened to the original song and I had an instant connection with the lyrics, ‘fighting crime and saving the world before bedtime’. This was one of my childhood dreams growing up in South Africa and I am truly excited to be part of this amazing project,” said Toya Delazy.

Talking about how her personality fits the show, she completely agrees that it matches.

“The animation and storylines are super creative and visually exciting. I would like to think that my artistic universe is just as colourful and punchy. I love the feistiness of The Powerpuff Girls and the idea that they are tough enough to outmatch those scary villains.”