Top 5 most talked about celeb outfits of 2021!

16 December 2021
See who made headlines with unconventional drip this year!
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These are the most talked about 'fits of the year worn by your favourite artists. 


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They are two of the best dressed people on the earth. And now that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are high fashion's elite royalty, fans expect nothing more than head turners when they hit the red carpet. But at the 2021 Met Gala, the couple's ensemble had people confused. Rocky's fit inspired a wave of memes, with many wondering what he'd been going for. 


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One thing about Lil Nas X? He sure knows how to work a show! He lived true to this reputation at the Met Gala, landing on Best Dressed lists after coming out in an outfit that had no less than three different levels! Level 2 was this golden hero gear. 


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Doja Cat can do whatever she wants, she's so talented. Some of her looks had people talking throughout 2021, and it's clear the singer knows exactly how to keep that going. 


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Now that he's mastered the art of disappearing, Frank Ocean knows he can play by his own rules. Bringing the green doll, which could blank, as an accessory to the red carpet was one hell of a statement this year. 


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Of course! Ye often defines the trends in the culture, and his drip for the DONDA album rollout were no different. 

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