The underrated amazingness that's Ro James

10 February 2017
The "Holy Water" visuals are simply mesmerising
Depending which online streets you frequent, there's a name in the R&B circles you may or may not have heard of. That name is Ro James.

James is a sultry voiced, New York based singer who's been steadily causing waves across the soul scene with his rich voice and spirit tingling lyrics. And he certianly must be doing something right because despite having only one album to his name, Elderado, he has already earned himself a Grammy nomination for his single "Permission", an incredible feat by any standard.

Now to kick off his 2017, Ro James has released the visuals for his folk hit "Holy Water" and their as immaculate as his music. Simple yet laced with passion, the music video continues his trend of offering mesmerising imagery to accompany his difficult to ignore vocals.

If his current work is anything to go by, we're pretty sure all the signs point towards Ro James fast becoming a major success story in the world of rhythm and blue, and probably beyond.

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