The new Kendrick track knocks hard!

31 March 2017
Is it a diss song? Satire? Club banger? No one knows but it gets the people going!
Remember when Kendrick Lamar dropped "i" and you weren't quite sure what to make off it at first? Well he's done it again.

"Humble" is the latest single and music video from K. Dot and as always, it's nothing like we expected. On first listen the track almost didn't make sense and yet after just two or three plays we couldn't help but bop our heads and turn the volume all the way up.

Then after a few more plays we realised the song might actually be poking fun at most of the "commercial" rappers in the game. Why? 'Coz Kendrick titled the song "Humble" and yet he is doing everything but be humble in the song. The layers are actually too many to unpack!

Basically we're sitting here like...


Now we really can't wait for the new album to drop! Check out "Humble" below: