03 February 2016
Do you have a sensational idea for a new TV show or a blockbuster movie? Think you have a hot new TV format that will wow audiences?

If you do, and you want to submit a content proposal to Channel O for consideration, please note that you can do so in one of the following three ways:

1) Open Brief:
From time to time, Channel O will issue an Open Brief to the film and TV industry on the channel website. In this case, we will specify the type of content that we are looking for, and any qualified production company or industry professional can send through their content proposal electronically before the stated deadline.

2) Closed Pitch:
On occasion, Channel O will create a very specific programming brief. Thereafter we will directly invite production companies or producers, whom we have specially pre-selected, to pitch for the opportunity to create the desired content. In this case, no submissions will be accepted unless they have been specifically requested.

3) Unsolicited Submission:
Should you wish to submit content to us, outside of a brief or a pitch, then you can send us your proposal regardless. It will be processed as an Unsolicited Submission and should your proposal hold merit, Channel O will contact you to engage further. Please note that your proposal must be sent to us electronically through the website platform.

If you would like to submit an unsolicited proposal, you are required to first accept the terms and conditions applicable to those proposals.

Finally, it is very important to note that regardless of the category you use to submit a content proposal to us, every proposal received will be evaluated in line with M-Net’s strict commission and acquisition processes. In addition we invite you to carefully read any specific rules or other terms and conditions which appear on the websites or as prescribed by M-Net from time to time to govern the submissions, as they will affect your legal rights.