Stogie T to Pilot 'Freestyle Friday' on Channel O

11 February 2021
The land's finest lyricists will showcase their craft on 'Freestyle Friday'

On Friday, February 11th, Channel O will be premiering a brand new show. Entitled 'Friday Freestyle', the new program will be lavishing the SA Rap soundscape with a slew of local rappers and Hip Hop creatives with bar on bar flows. It's about taking it back to the roots as established rap incumbent Stogie T pilots the show. 

Each episode will feature a line-up of guests who will be showcasing their ability to flow on the spot, while distilling their journey, reflecting on the scene, and just candidly conversing about interesting topics anchored to the culture. To kick things off, the first episode will be featuring rappers Shane Eagle and Youngsta CPT, as well as leading Hip Hop DJ PH.

The guests couldn't more on point for the theme of the show, which focuses on highlighting the elements of Hip Hop that have fallen under the mainstream radar. Both Eagle and Youngsta CPT are known for their potent lyrical deliveries, often sparking conversations from their flows. The two will be catching with Stogie T to kick off a fresh era of pure artistic engagements, bringing SA Hip Hop back to the forefront. 

It's a new world, and Stogie T adapted swiftly with Freestyle Friday through 2020, where raw elements of Hip Hop synced back to the heartbeat of the SA Hip Hop scene. Freestyles allow rappers to put on display the mastery they have over their craft. They remind us not only why we fell in love with rap, but also the rappers who spark a buzz with their natural talent to flex their creativity instantly on the beat. 

Tune in on Friday to catch Freestyle Friday tomorrow at 17:00 and join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag #Channel O to connect with us.