Step into Mashayabhuqe's Digital World

13 September 2015
Mashaya Col0035[1]
Mashayabhuqe KaMamba has been credited as the founder of Digital Maskandi- a blend of traditional Zulu folk vocals with trappy, autotune-heavy production. Step into this Durban born artist's digital world:

What are you busy with musically?
I’ve just released a new record titled "Hallelujah to the Gods" produced by Maraza. It has a strong message about a young boy who went to initiation school and never came back. Prior to that, Thandiswa Mazwai chose me for a feature on her #KingTha4Free competition back in April. That collabo birthed a Makhuzwayo tribute titled "Izayoni".

At the moment I’m just taking care of the features that make sense to me, projects that I can be proud of one day. It’s not even about the money but about what makes sense to me and my #DigitalKids. So there are a few features I’ve done with your favourite rappers; look out for that. Oh, Shandarabaa Video is almost done. I’m happy.

Tell us more about what you do in your nine to five role.
I don’t really like to talk about my role here, but it’s a lovely environment though. It’s a creative space; it allows me to be myself. I like the TV industry.

Digital Maskandi versus Gqom trap, what’s the difference?

I wouldn’t speak for the other ous, but all I know is that they’re fusing Gqom (Durban dirty house) with Trap (which is ATL originated sound). I’ve explained what Digital Maskandi is and how it came about. My music influences include Bon Iver, Justin Vernon, Busi Mhlongo , James Blake, Vusi Ximba, Theophilus London and Thandiswa Mazwai. Digital Maskandi has its own world and once you are part of it you’ll be helped to regain your inner peace, reconnect with your ancestors, the higher spirits and get a new perspective on this modern life: The digital age where human values are “less” important now. I just want to give you something that can live forever, that’s Digital Maskandi .

What’s up with that #DigitalKids hashtag? Is that some form of acknowledgement that music is moving towards digital?

That’s so spot on, but my whole thing is beyond music being digital. #DigitalKids came about when I was battling with the rest of social media last year but it was on the low key. I had to make my supporters understand that we are not designed for this industry: we are rare, daring and non-conforming. We don’t do things for hype, we are in-touch with our roots, cultures and what not, but still relevant in cyber space. That’s what this Digital Kids is about; we live in blogs/Tumblrs, searching for some new rare things to inspire us to create. Our world is in our hands…just click.

Any plans for an album?

I think about the idea of albums, it’s so overwhelming. I would like to drop an album soon but it would have to be something that is really worth to pay 200 bucks for. I’m talking about the quality of music, the great content and incredible execution. We’ll see.

Dream collaborators, locally and internationally?

Locally, Lundi Tyamara (he’s really amazing) and Madala Kunene. Internationally I think I’d be so happy to link up with Skepta, Ibeyi and James Blake.

Your observations about the state of the industry right now.

We are doing really well as South Africans, Riky Rick just went gold. Indie kids are doing so great right now...

The top five local jams in your playlist right now.
1. Hallelujah to the gods by, surprise, moa!
2. Uyang’febela (You cheating on me) by Zamalek Japan and The 1818
3. 100k Outro by Okmalumkoolkat and, yes, me!
4. Juice Back by Nasty C
5. Mr Van der Merwe by BCUC.
Eish..I really enjoy my music though, kinda weird right?

Describe your life, a decade from now.
Mashayabhuqe KaMamba, your friend, your saviour...the role model who has helped tons and tons of #DigitalKids instil good morals and guide them to become great human beings with a vision, goals and cultivated minds.

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