Solange Knowles Is Thrilled About Lemonade

26 April 2016

We all knew something was up when Solange Knowles went ham on Jay-Z,  in the elevator that fateful night following the Met Gala. After that incident, many were asking themselves why!? Why would Solange attack Hov like that; and secondly, perhaps most important – why did Beyonce simply look on?

Beyonce may have given us an answer to those questions and then some, on her latest release, Lemonade. While Lemonade is, overall, a tribute to female empowerment, the lyric that has has the world talking is where she sings, “He only want me when I’m not there. He better call Becky with the good hair,” and everyone is taking it to be a swipe at Jay for allegedly stepping out on Bey with Rachel. It doesn’t help the designer’s case that she taunted the Beyhive by writing on Instagram “Good hair don’t care” right after Lemonade dropped. But Bey’s fans completely went after her with full fury over the incredibly stupid statement, causing Rachel to go into hiding!

Solange, on the other hand, is living for her big sister right now and couldn’t be happier. With this album, she thinks Bey has eclipsed herself by opening herself up and being a voice for women. There’s a lot of truth in what Beyoncé’s said in her music, and Solange only wishes Bey would have done this earlier, like years ago earlier!”

Solange completely has Beyoncé‘s back after her new album finally let the 34-year-old expose some of the pain that husband Jay Z has supposedly caused her!

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