Smokescreens and mirrors ' Rodeo

14 November 2015
What Travis Scott is, is hard to put a finger on. A heavily connected protégé of Kanye West, his voice is almost flailing amidst a crowd of influences and very important people. What his debut album Rodeo has done is reach some kind of inauthentic cross between perfection, pretention and perceptive.

The production is second to none; an addictive bassline alongside an alluring index of experimental sounds with surprising turns, makes this album a worthy addition to your shuffle. It is musical and wholesome, and Flying High will have you all nostalgic, as all great classics do. But just because it looks like a classic, doesn’t quite make it one.

Walking through the album, from the whimsical 90210 to the grinding Nightcrawler, Never Catch Me leads us to an emotional crescendo with OK Alright leaving you with a nagging sense of déjà vu; like you’d heard it before perhaps.

To put it bluntly, it’s a good album and all he really does is add to the texture. Good texture nonetheless. While not the best rapper or lyricist, with songs that end up being an arrangement of choruses and clichéd reprises, Travis has mastered that trap inspired art of wailing and squealing. But we’re still yet to figure him out. While the album may seem plugged it, you can’t quite tell if he is.

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