Sibu Mpanza: Championing Youth Voices on Youth Unfiltered

07 March 2024
Get to know YouTube sensation and host of Channel O's Youth Unfiltered, Sibu Mpanza.
sibu mpanza interview

In the dynamic landscape of South African media, few personalities shine as brightly as Sibu Mpanza. From his humble beginnings as a university student with a YouTube hobbyng to becoming the vibrant host of Channel O’s Youth Unfiltered, Sibu’s journey is a testament to passion, perseverance, and a commitment to amplifying youth voices.

As we dive into the hot topics on Youth Unfiltered, we took a moment to get to know the man infront of the camera.

“I started on YouTube in my second year at varsity,” Sibu shares. “At that point it was just a hobby where I share anecdotes about my life and unpacking social issues in our country.” Despite facing challenges, including dropping out of university and relocating to Johannesburg to pursue content creation full-time, Sibu remained steadfast in his pursuit.

Over the course of a decade, he has transformed his YouTube channels into a thriving career in entertainment, ultimately landing his role as host on Youth Unfiltered.

When asked about his inspiration for taking on the role, Sibu explains, “The subject matter is right up my alley. I started my career talking about social issues, so this show felt like an extension of that. Youth Unfiltered provides a platform for candid discussion on topics that resonate with South Africa’s millennials and Gen Z.

One of the most rewarding aspects of hosting the show, according to Sibu, is the opportunity to meet a diverse array of people. "Every week, we have an array of personalities joining me, and I learn so much from each and every one of them," he reflects. Through these interactions, Sibu underscores the importance of recognizing the depth and insight that young people bring to the table, “This show illustrates very well that the youth is in touch with what is important to everyone, and contrary to popular belief, they hold many of the answers.”

Get to know Sibu Mpanza in 5 Questions:

Channel O: What are your favourite songs at the moment?

Sibu Mpanza: Anything Dance. Especially Amapiano. We have the most talented Musicians in the world.

CO: Describe yourself in a hashtag.

SM: #Rigorous

CO: What’s your current TV obsession?

SM: I’m watching Drive To Survive Season 6. I love Formula 1, but lately I’ve been enjoying Champions on Mzansi Magic.

CO: Best piece of advice you’ve received?

SM: “Nyamezela” (My mother repeated this to me throughout my life).

CO: If your life were a song what would the title be?

SM: We Try Again.


Driven by a passion for inclusivity and impact, Sibu Mpanza steps boldly into the limelight to bring you Youth Unfiltered. Be sure to dive into the hot topics Fridays at 13:00 on the Channel O Facebook page.

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