Roddy Ricch Wants to Take his Time on Music

03 December 2020
Roddy Ricch on when he will likely release new music.
Roddy Ricch

He may have had one of the biggest success stories in Hip Hop through 2020, but that doesn't mean Roddy Ricch will be rushing new music to drop in the name of striking while the iron is hot. Despite scoring a mega-hit that earned him his first Billboard #1 single, a Grammy award (with a number of new nominations for next year's show), and a #1 Billboard Hot 200 album, he wants to take his time. 

While many of his contemporaries are releasing music back to back to avoid slumps of irrelevance, Roddy told Variety Magazine that he wants to experience enough between albums to produce new music. It's a refreshing take, especially in the world of digital streaming, where even the most established superstars must battle to keep their music above the rest. 

"...I ain’t under no pressure", he told the magazine. "I’m in a good place. Whenever my momma turns on the car I’m still on the radio. So for me to drop a whole other album right now, it’s just overkill."

The rapper revealed that he's in no rush to drop a new project. Instead, he wants the music that is out to be soaked into the culture long enough, before disrupting that flow with a new release. 

"At least let me wait until, instead of five songs on the radio, let me wait till I’ve got two. I don’t wanna be just putting songs on the radio all the time. We ain’t making mixtape music no more. You’ve gotta give it space and time for people to digest it.”

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