Riky Rick Signed!

21 June 2016
Mabala Noise Entertainment (MNE) - the guys bringing Breezy for the Mother of All Parties - on Monday announced that it has signed rapper Riky Rick under it's stable.

According to the rapper, he had been looking for a new home that could help him carry out his vision for some time. And according to him, “Mabale [MNE] is more than just a record label. It's a family. So it will give me the platform to give out all the good ideas that I have to the people, with their support," Up till now, Riky Rick had been an independent artist.

Riky released his debut album Family Values last year – which has since gone platinum – under his own label, Makhado Makhado Agency.

He revealed that while he'll be joining MNE, his record label will still be in operation, claiming that this move will give him opportunity to open doors for young and upcoming talent through his own stable.

Under the new partnership, Ricky and fellow MNE rapper Du Boiz are headed to Los Angeles for two weeks to record new material and potential international collaborations.