Relationship goals

16 October 2015
Don’t you just love love? Having that special someone to wake up next to in the morning, tweet sweet nothings about in the day, go back home to at the end of it. Someone that gets you and your love of snapping endless selfies of your perfect relationship, posting them on Instagram with the hashtag ‘love lives here’, for us to marvel at.

It also helps if you’re both famous and look gorgeous together. But it’s all true love. Or is it? We admire couples in the spotlight, like powerhouse duo JayZ and Beyonce who make it looks so royal, except for that shabby elevator stint, but lets not go there. Couples like John Legend and his Chrissy who’re too beautiful for words, having been together for eons. All that glitters, however, isn't gold.

What is it about celebrity couples that keeps us coming back for more?

While Zakes Bantwini and Nandi Mngoma are a dapper looking pair and Casper and his new girl Boity seem to be the perfect fit, what do these, and many other, celebrity couples really have in common? There is always that question that lingers at the back of our minds, is celebrity love too good to be true or is it just good looking?

Like the romance of rappers Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj and their even more electric love triangle with Drake. Many were surprised when rumours of their dating started to surface because Drake had always declared his undying love for Nicki, even announcing they were engaged to marry, once upon a time.

It actually turns out that Meek and Nicki go way back and had always nursed the possibility of love. While we don’t deny their bond, the whole affair seemed to have done wonders for their profiles, especially Meek's.

With the recent announcement of their pregnancy, John Legend and Chrissy Teigan have been like a beacon of positive relationship goals this week. This is a couple, like JayZ and Beyonce, who seem to have it all; beauty, status, endorsements and the rest. But having overcome their struggles just makes us fall for them all over again.

They might’ve just called it quits but rapper Asap Rocky and model Chanel Iman’s relationship, alongside Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s has us asking ourselves what’s the deal with rappers going for models? There’s an allure of the mutual worlds of fashion, beauty and music but is it really no wonder?

It’s still surprising, but not quite, to hear that Drake and tennis-player-powerhouse Serena Williams have found their way into each others arms. With the girl being the hottest property right now, not least in sports, could Drizzy really be dizzy over her or is he just diversifying his portfolio?

We all know that things aren’t always as they seem, especially in the flighty land of the celeb. With their various brands to keep up, does love really live there?

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