Reason To Drop Concept Album

23 June 2016
Reason is set to release a concept album this year, which he claims, will be a first for South African hip-hop.

Taking to Twitter, the rapper - who recently dropped a new video for his epic remix of Yung Swiss' track, David Genaro - divulged a few details about his upcoming body of work, GIRLS.

In collaboration with a production crew, The Boys Upstairs, Reason revealed that his latest project comes in as an effort to reinvent his image.

"So while you may think REASON spits fire flames and just wants to take down someone... I've been removing myself from that guy," he tweeted.

He went on to reveal that GIRLS won't just be any album, but "the first concept album in South African hip-hop," adding that people should avoid thinking "that [he doesn't] know how and when to achieve ANY goal in hip-hop," because he does and will so in his time.

"And that's the beauty of life. Learning the world’s formulas to success, and adjusting them to YOUR goals," he wrote.

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