Quavo hints at getting married soon!

30 May 2019
Quavo and Saweetie have hinted the possibility of getting hitched

Offset and TakeOff might have to start shopping around for those dapper best man suits, if the latest on Quavo and rapper girlfriend, Saweetie, is anything to go by. The couple has been dating for less than a year, but have already started hinting the possibility of walking the isle to seal the deal. 

It all started with Saweetie catching the bouqet of flowers at the reception of Quavo's sister. She'd been standing a couple of rows away from where the flowers were tossed, but they still managed to land on her hands! In many circles, it is believed that she, who catches the flowers, will be next get married. 

"I guess we are next", Quavo jotted on his Instagram account. 

The post has since sent waves of delight accross the fanhood as supports of the couples started planning the wedding along with them in the comments and elsewhere. 

If Quavo and Saweetie go ahead with tying the knot, they've be in good company. Offset, the other one third of Migos, is married to Cardi B. He can also expect a lot of good advice from those two, who came quite closer to a divorce not too long ago. 

Also, more love songs in the horizon? We are keeping an eye on this one!