#One2Watch: Who to look out for in 2017

21 December 2016
2016 was a massive year in music but here's who you need to lookout for in 2017!
2016 was a massive year for music. Everyone from the larger than life Beyonce to the come-up kid Nasty C dropped incredible albums and that doesn't even include the hundreds of mind blowing singles we got from our favs. But in the words of Jay Z "There's a kid right now somewhere / He at the table with a bowl of Apple Jacks / And he's reading the back of the cereal / And in between eating the Apple Jacks he's writing some shit / And he wants my spot..."

That's why we took some time out to ponder on who we think is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the new year. For now we've kept it local, within Mzansi's borders, but look out for the international edition of the One's 2 Watch in 2017!

Check out the list below and feel free to hit us up with your thoughts and opinions using the hashtag, #One2Watch

Youngsta CPT

With a machine gun flow and unapologetic bars, Youngsta CPT is the pride and joy of Kaapstad rap but something tells us his big breakthrough is on the horizon. With the shift back to pure rap, it's only a matter of time before the mainstream catches onto the talent that's Youngsta. For now though we're gonna keep "Top Ten List" on repeat!

Frank Casino

When Riky Rick rapped "I wish I hard the heart to put you on, but generosity is not a trait where I'm from", we knew he wasn't lying. So the day he co-signed Frank Ocean, we could tell that this was a big deal, and rightfully so. Sometimes dubbed SA's answer to Travis Scott, Frank Casino is young, determined and talented! The remix of "Whole Thing" is already causing a rau rau in the streets and we're pretty sure it's gonna be one of the hottest tracks out well into 2017.


No one can explain why Tellaman remains one of the most slept on talents in the game but that hasn't stopped him from consistently bringing the fire projects. Repping the 031, we hope 2017 will finally be the year the silky voiced singer's work will dominate the chart the way it deserves to. If you're not willing to wait for the mainstream to catch on, check out his five star mixtape 'Mind VS Heart'.


If you have your ear to the ground you'll know that Tshego has been giving the underground scene gems for a minute now. Signing to Family Tree though has definitely giving his career that extra boost and with the release of "Hennessy" we see 2017 as the year will be seeing a lot more of Tshego's unique sound.

Amanda Black

The first lady of soul at Ambitiouz Entertainment. While we were getting hella turnt to the trap sound, Amanda Black crept up on us like a thief in the night and got us deep in our feels with her heavenly voice and touching lyrics. Heck, we're even sure you could play "Amazulu" at at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve and everyone in the club will sing along like it's praise and worship time at our momma's church. No wonder she's pushing Adele-like numbers with her debut album. And to this this is only just the beginning!

Gemini Major

There was a time not too long ago when no one knew Gemini Major and now not a single club banger is complete without him. Not only does he bless tracks with the illest of hooks, he's production game is second to none. That's exactly why his credits are looking like the end of a movie! We can't wait for what the new year will bring for Gemini.

Shane Eagle

It's not too often that we get a rapper in SA who can get you all the way in your feels with a single but then again not too many rappers are Shane Eagle. The Vuzu Hustle finalist cemented his position in the rap game this year with the beautifully crafted "Cutting Corners" and hasn't looked back since! Coupled with a string of hit features through out 2016 as well, Shane is perfectly posed to blow us away in the new year.


Rouge has your favourite's fav shook. She raps just as well as she sings and she consistently spits bars harder than solitary confinement at Pollsmoor. Now all we're asking for is a full length album in 2017 and our heart will be content.


What's Mzansi without house music? ZakEmo is one of the newest additions to the house hitmaker fraternity and is showing the most promise. "Ingane Zabantu" was so catchy it made you wanna do the vosho on your grandmother's vinyl wrapped sofas. It's that serious fam!

Nadia Nakai

Say what you will about Nadia Nakai, there's no stopping her determination to take over your radio, TV and Instagram timeline. It's that relentless drive, crucial features like "Ragga Ragga" and banging new singles like "Sqwaa" that guarantee her a place as one of the artists to lookout for in 2017.

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