NB info on #NyovestWeekend

29 October 2015
Nyovest Season
Channel O has been  pioneering the idea of dedicating special programming to a single artist for sometime now. We know that the true fans of those artists delight in seeing their fav taking centre stage - albeit for one weekend.  Internationally Beyonce, Ciara and Rihanna have featured. AKA unlocked it locally and now Cassper Nyovest follows suit.

No other weekend has been requested as much as this #NyovestWeekend though! Cassper's fans are relentless and take every opportunity to communicate their feelings on our social media pages.

We are certain that they will be glad to see it starting Friday 30 October to 1 November. How opportune that it happens during a time where the young lad happens to also be making history at The Dome.

It sure is Nyovest season and we have been swept too. Take a look at what we will be serving all #NyovestWeekend:


  • 08:00 - Zone In: Cassper Nyovest

  • 13:00 - Zone In: Family Tree

  • 17:00 - 5 at 5: Cassper Nyovest

  • 20:30 - Battle: Cassper Nyovest vs Chains vs Burna Boy


  • 09:00 - Battle: Cassper Nyovest vs KO vs AKA

  • 13:00 - Featuring: Cassper Nyovest


09:00 - Zone In: Cassper Nyovest

Stay in touch with us right through out #NyovestWeekend! Are you going to The Dome? Halla back with those snaps too! We would love to see the hella fashion that will be on display. You can share with us on on our official social media pages via Twitter,Facebook and Instagram.