Nicki Minaj upset by sound fail at Coachella

16 April 2019
The Barbs have come out to slam the festival for not apologising to the rapper
<p>Nicki Minaj Ariana Grande&nbsp;</p>

It was meant to have to have been one of the most important moment in her career. But Nicki Minaj is said to have left the main Coachella stage in tears after technical sound issues affected her mid-performance.

Nicki Minaj had to taken to the stage in suport of frequent collaborator, Ariana Grande, to perform a few of their slew of high charting bops.

Unfortunately for the two, who were delivering the closing performance from the first weekend of the world's most hyped show, sound wasn't dancing along to the tune as expected. 

"We can't hear anything", Ariana can be heard saying through her microphone after both artists lost timing and synchronicity with the live instrumentals. The result was a mismatched attempt at delivering verses that landed off beat. 

Following a storm of backlash from fans, who slammed anything from the sound engeneering team to both performers, purported behind the scenes images emerged of Nicki Minaj shedding a tear have emerged. 

Nicki Minaj continued being in the throes of much lashing from fans, who've been stood up at a few of her concerts on her recent tour. Minaj has had to cancel some shows due to technical difficulties, Vibe has reported. 

Image Credit: Getty Images