Nicki Minaj goes off on Travis Scott!

20 August 2018
Nicki Minaj shaded Travis Scott within an inch of his life because her album couldn't dethrone his from the #1 spot.

Nicki MInaj is livid that her highly hyped fourth album, Queen, debuted only #2 on the Billboard Hot 200 albums chart. The second spot premiere appears to have upset Nicki, whose album is set to have sold 185 000 units in its first week. Taking to Twitter to drill Travis Scott, whose ASTROWRLD continues reigning at #1, Minaj popped off in a series of tweets, in which she disputes the legitimacy of ASTROWLRD's #1 position! 

The Queen of Rap blasts Travis for his tour promotion strategy, which rewards his fans with access to upcoming shows when they purchase the album. Fans purchasing his merch also get their hands on the album. Considering that he has sold a report 200K unites of the merch, Nicki is arguing that his sales are being inflated unfairly. 

Nicki later turned her rant to Spotify. She's accusing the music streaming platform of "punishing" her for availing songs from Queen as Beats 1 premiere exclusives. They didn't showcase her album as they did Drake's, she said. 

Fans can look forward to more of her honesty on her Queen radio show, and a freestyle she'll be dropping any moment now. 


Photo Credit: Getty Images