Nasty C releases video trilogy

12 March 2017
Nasty C just pushed the bar higher than it's ever been!
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South African hip hop is in a glorious place.

On Thursday media and die hard fans gathered around the country to watch the exclusive screening of Nasty C's Veliswa short film. Channel O was in attendance and what we witnessed was nothing short of amazing. The visuals comprised of a short ode to Nasty C's late mother, Veliswa, before delving into immersive videos for "Don't Do It", "Good Girls" and "Phases".

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The screening left the entire cinema in awe of the young rapper as his work with Kyle Lewis pushed expectations and standards far beyond anything anyone had seen previously on local soil. Now you too get to experience the remarkable work.

This Friday evening, Nasty took to his social media accounts to announce that the videos were now available for viewing on iTunes. The only downside is this version doesn't include the tribute to his mother however it's still one that simply cannot be missed.

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Watch the 15min long experience here